Meditation and Mindfulness are techniques for mind and emotion mastery.

To reduce stress and provide inner peace, insight and wellbeing.

You can learn how to achieve a state of meditation, which regenerates your brain, and learn to manage thought and emotion processes. Drastically reducing stress and gradually attaining more serenity, discernment, confidence, joy and personal power. This will boost your personal and professional life.

How does it work?

When one gets into meditation, mainly by learning to focus on the breath, the brain starts generating lower frequency waves. These waves – such as theta and delta waves – range from 1 to 8 Hz. Subsequently, they activate different centres in our brain and our nervous system than the waves normally generated in active conscious states. Because in the latter we typically produce beta and alpha waves, which range from 9 to 40 Hz.

Meditation is not only a relaxed state, it’s a very productive rest (even if this might sound contradictory!). In which we are effortlessly training and developing the mind while enjoying what can get to, at one point, an incredibly blissful experience.

With meditation you will be able to discover the thought process from a different perspective and with a bit of practice learn to gain mastery over it. You will be amazed at how you can gradually see the effects of meditation in every practical aspect of your life. More clarity, more personal power, more wisdom.

Is this for me?

The practice of meditation doesn’t have to be linked to any specific religion, belief or lifestyle. It is a neutral tool.

The principles are scientifically validated and can be practically applied by anyone, with a pragmatic and down-to-earth approach, for better performance and enjoyment in everyday life. Furthermore, meditation is routinely used by some of the world’s most successful executives and entrepreneurs.

What do I need?

You don’t need to sit in the lotus pose. Don’t need to believe in anything esoteric (and if you do that’s also great!). You don’t need to adopt or change any religious beliefs. Nor do you need to follow any guru nor become part of any organization. Meditation is a neutral, scientifically proven technique that can be adapted to any lifestyle and all walks of life.

You just need a comfortable chair, sofa or cushion to sit with a straight spine.

Close your eyes and discover a transformative experience.

Private Classes

In Zurich or online

These sessions offer different techniques to learn or perfection meditation as well as mindfulness techniques to manage stress and mind activity.

This includes identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, thought patterns and habits and developing new more efficient ones.

Corporate Classes

In Zurich

Stress management and mindfulness practices in the work environment are key to promote health, avoid burnouts, emotional build ups and dysfunctional teams.

Yoga & Meditation classes

In Zurich

These classes combine meditation with body stretches and movements and provide and integrated experience of body-mind wellbeing.


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About Fátima

Discovering meditation and mindfulness changed Fátima’s life in a remarkable and exciting way. It’s her absolute passion and love to share it with whomever has an interest in uncovering the amazing power of our mind.

Lawyer by background, Fátima worked in different kind of private and non-profit organisations in Spain and Switzerland, including stressful target oriented environments. She discovered meditation by chance and committed to master the technique as she could see immediate benefits shortly after starting.

After maturing her meditation practice, she decided to take a sabbatical to deepen her knowledge, and traveled the world mainly throughout Asia, Central & South America and Oceania. This was a fascinating experience, that drastically expanded her practice and had a powerful transformational effect. She met the most interesting and advanced teachers and studied and perfected different techniques, including in stays in the Amazonian jungle, the Himalyas and long silent retreats.

After all these adventures and back in the city life, applying the techniques to daily life, she continued to see the tremendous practical benefits that practicing meditation and mindfulness bring to everyday life in all aspects. Fátima left her corporate career and decided to share what she have learnt to help others transform and empower their lives too.

Meditation and Mindfulness are an established and adored daily practice for Fátima and it’s her pleasure and honour to teach and pass on the incredible benefits of these gifts.

Fátima Martínez

Mindfulness Diploma, International Alliance of Holistic Therapists
Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance
Master in Law, Complutense University

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