5 empowering beliefs that will change your life

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Have you ever heard that you create your own reality? How is this so? Because you and your life are a product of your conscious and subconscious or unconscious beliefs. Identify them, and change the limiting ones for better ones.

This is not about brainwashing ourselves with hopeful unrealistic affirmations, it’s about unlearning beliefs that are simply not true and are undermining us.


We are like computers, depending on how we were raised, what we were consistently told when we were children, which friends did we have, what teachers did we get, what TV series did we watch, what culture were we part of, how we interpreted life situations…. etc. we have been filled up with certain programs, some of them quite destructive, negative, unhealthy and simply not true.

Here are 5 healthy empowering beliefs that will help you become a better version of yourself and hence have a better life:

1. No external factor determines my mood state.


It is quite common to believe that your mood in a particular day is a product of what has happened to you that day. If someone were to ask you this question at the end of the day: “How was your day?”, the answer “good” or “bad”, would it be dependant on external factors? If this is so, how much power are we giving to external circumstances instead of taking responsibility for our states of mind and mood? The world would be much different if we would answer this question from an internal perspective.

For example instead of saying: “My afternoon was pretty bad because my car broke”, you could say it was “pretty good because my car broke and I handled the situation in a remarkable way”. This is a shift in perspective that makes a huge difference on how we look at ourselves and life. It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you take it.

2. Help and you will be helped.


There is a strong subconscious belief that we have been dragging for centuries in which life is pretty much a “them or us” or “you or me” kind of scenario. The “survival of the fittest”, where we have to fight around, compete, and secure our position in a hostile world.

This is a very different approach to life as to one based on discernment, wanting to develop, wanting to contribute, using the best of our abilities to do well in whatever it is we are doing, and trusting that what goes around comes around. And that when you help you will eventually be helped in some way or another.

3. Your true nature is good, positive and healthy.


You may not agree that the core of the human being is good, positive and balanced. You might think it is too naïve to think that way. This doesn’t mean you believe every single person will behave accordingly always (including ourselves), or that every single person knows this to be true. It means that this is why when we do things that are not in accordance with these values, we feel bad, eventually or at least subconsciously, which builds up and creates all sorts of negative effects. It means you know this to be true for yourself – which is already an empowering belief -, and for others, even if they don’t know it for themselves and thus act contrary to this, with the consequences that this will carry for them.

4. Everything happens FOR you, not TO you.


When we subconsciously believe we are at the mercy of “bad” things that can randomly happen to us, we are living in a fear based reality. Again, you might think this is very naïve and that of course “bad” things happen all the time to many of us. Well this depends on what you actually catalogue as a “bad” thing. And I don’t mean it in a philosophical way nor from an airy-fairy perspective, I mean that in a practical way what your brain and mind catalogue as “bad” defines what mindset you have in life.

For example, if you break a leg maybe you may instantly catalogue it as “something bad happened”. But this is not true. You might meet a key person in your life thanks to that broken leg, you might learn something about yourself that will bring tremendous peace to you while having had that time off at the hospital or at home, you might make a friend for life or meet your spouse out of that experience. So, was breaking your leg something “bad” that happened to you?

We cannot judge situations or events categorically as “bad”. If you run through the supposed “bad” events that happened in your life you will most probably, if you want to, find very positive learnings, connections or experiences that came out of them. This is a huge shift in perspective in life from a subconscious fear based point of view (“bad” things can happen to me any moment) to a fearless one: whatever happens it will be constructive.

5. There is a stable reliable anchor that works in any kind of situation: You.


This is probably the most important one, it means that you can always turn inwards to find stability, peace and clarity. If we are looking to find these outside ourselves we are living in chaos because nothing external can be 100% reliable, stable, fulfilling, unchangeable and saying and doing exactly what we need it/them to do when we need it/them to.

This is about stopping depending on other people or circumstances to be happy, stopping making our mood depend on others, – what they said to us, how they said it, how they behaved…etc, and stopping being at the mercy of external events to define how we feel. Building this anchor takes practice but it is a great achievement one can make in a lifetime, and it is possible for all.

I hope this made you maybe question some negative beliefs, look at things differently, and offered a positive and useful perspective on things.



Fátima Martínez

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