Corporate Classes

In Zurich

Stress management in the work environment is key to promote health, avoid burnouts, emotional build ups and dysfunctional teams.

Being stressed is considered “normal” nowadays. We tend to function in a constant fight -or- flight mode, triggering the sympathetic nervous system during long working hours. This system is supposed to be activated only in emergency or peak  situations. As a result, the body produces a surge of hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, which increase the blood pressure and pulse rate. Therefore, the whole process creates an unnecessary and inefficient state of constant high alert.

The parasympathetic nervous system, also called the “calm and connect” system, allows us to recover from the stressors of life. It lowers the heart rate and enhances digestion. This system also activates certain parts of the brain, attenuating fear-response regions and increasing the reflective response regions.

Stress resilience is a beneficial balance of these two systems in order to have a healthy work life.

We can achieve stress resilience by learning how to consciously activate and deactivate each system thanks to techniques like Meditation, Mindfulness or Yoga.

Contact me for tailor-made Meditation, Mindfulness or Meditation & Yoga classes in corporate environments.

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