Gain relaxation and perspective with this simple mindfulness technique

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This is a simple mindfulness breathing technique to bring relaxation and perspective.

Whenever we are feeling stressed or in a bad mood, basically, what is happening is that we are lost in a negative thought pattern. And sometimes it’s not easy to get out of these.

One way to do this is to bring all of our awareness to our body sensations. When we do this, what is happening is that we are giving our mind a new stable object to focus on, so that it can let go of the negative thought pattern.

So we bring all of our attention to our inhalation and our exhalation. We become a sort of objective scientist, that is noticing all of the sensations that are happening in our nostrils as the air gets in and as the air gets out. Then we can start adding other elements to observe. And continue the flow of the air from the nostrils to the throat, to the lungs, and to the abdomen.

We may start to notice then that with every inhalation the abdomen rises and with every exhalation the abdomen falls. We are now breathing abdominally. When we breathe this way, we are activating the parasympathetic nervous system. When this system is active our organs, our nerves and our muscles are calm.

So now we have a more calm mind, a more clear mind. And we can also look at the situation we are in from a new perspective. We also feel more empowered because we have been able to manage our stress level. And we have also been able to manage our mood. From this place we can then take better decisions, we can relate better to others and we can feel better.

Fátima Martínez

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