How to meditate? 5 useful tips.

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How to meditate? 5 useful tips.

Meditate with these tips and your will notice an improvement. These tips will help you begin or improve your meditation practice. :

  1. Find the right posture for you
  2. Do a short body scan
  3. Draw a gentle smile
  4. Think of something you are grateful for
  5. Set an intention: observing the breathing and coming back to it when losing track. Observing without judging.

As described in the video, these tips will make a difference in your meditation practice!

Hope you enjoy! If you want more tips in a tailored made session or have any questions or doubts, contact me to arrange a private online meditation class.

And if you want to try a guided meditation, check this 5 minute guided meditation:

Fátima Martínez

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Book your personalised private or corporate meditation or mindfulness session:

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